Frequently asked questions
What should I do if my child is absent?

Absences must be notified to the nursery as soon as possible via our communication system or telephone 01733 330630

What should I expect when dropping off/collecting my child?

Currently children will arrive at their designated nursery entrance and a member of staff will greet you and your child to find out any information you wish to share. The member of staff will then take your child to their playroom.

On collection of your child we ensure all children go home with designated adults only and this may mean, to ensure all children are protected staff will ask the person collecting for Identification. Our team work different shifts each week and may not be familiar with all family members collecting each child.

What should my child bring with them?

Spare change of clothes: as our days of exploring can getting pretty messy (lots more if your child is toilet training) Please ensure these are all clearly labelled with your child’s name

Milk: If your child is breast fed we have storage facilities to store this safely for your child. We ask that all breastmilk is packaged in an air tight container or bag and clearly labelled with your child’s name and the date the milk was expressed and frozen if frozen.

A drink bottle: Please bring with your child each day an empty drink bottle. We will assist your child in filling up with bottle throughout the day with fresh water.

Sunhat/footwear: Please bring suitable clothing for outside play depending on the weather. Sunhats are important during the Spring/Summer Months and Coats and Wellies are great for the colder months and exploring all the puddles. We do provide each child with a wet suit/rain trousers and jacket to protect their clothes in the wet weather but you are welcome to provide your own.

Comforters: if you child has a comforter they may need during the day please bring this along. Where possible please clearly mark the item with your child’s name.

Nappies: Nappies and wipes are included with paid sessions. All fully funded sessions must bring own nappies in their child’s bag each day or nappies will be charged at a rate of £1 per nappy provided. We provide Sudocrem for children and a new glove is used for each time the cream is dispensed. If children use reusable nappies parents will need to provide these and we will bag each used nappy and return them at the end of each day for parents to wash.

Suncream: We provide suncream but if you child requires a particular brand/type then please provide your own and clearly label it with your child’s name.

Who will look after my child?

Each of our playrooms have designated staff who care for the children. Each child will be assigned a key worker when they start and this can change during their time with us if they move rooms or form a bond with a particular team member. Your child’s key worker will be the person who will aim to speak to you each day your child attends where possible and will be responsible for completing your child’s daily report and tapestry account. .

Do you offer settling sessions?

We offer 3 settling in sessions once the deposit has been paid/funding form and all paperwork has been completed. Settling sessions are carried out during the 3 weeks prior to the child starting with us where possible.

Session 1- Is for 30 to 45 minutes. This session includes a parent attending the visit. The parent and key worker will sit down and complete a questionnaire designed to obtain lots of information about your child to help us provide the best care for your family. Whilst the questionnaire is being completed your child is free to explore their new room and meet the rest of the staff team and children.

Session 2 is for 1 hour. We advise parents to come into the setting to drop their child off. Sometimes this may mean spending a few minutes in the room and then leaving when possible.

Session 3 is for 1 hour and 30 minutes. For this session we encourage parents to drop their child off at the main entrance for their child’s room base and then leave their child for the session time.

We understand starting at a nursery can be a very worrying time for both the child and parent. We are here to help you with this process. It can take some time for children to settle and comfortably leave their parents at the start of the session. During children’s time at nursery we will post photographs on their tapestry account where permission has been given to show how they are getting on. Parents/carers are welcome to telephone the nursery at any time and as many times as they like to speak to the key worker and see how their child is.

How are fees charged and how can I pay?

We have our own online system that you will have access to, that show invoices, statements and sessions booked. All sessions are invoiced on a calendar month basis and invoice amounts will vary depending on the days in the month. All invoices are itemised and clearly show each session, rate and funding reduction. 

Fees must be paid in advance either monthly or two weeks in advance of the sessions. These can be paid by bank transfer, tax free childcare, childcare vouchers, job centre payments or student support payments. 

Tax-Free Childcare  

You can get up to £500 every 3 months (up to £2,000 a year) for each of your children to help with the costs of childcare. This goes up to £1,000 every 3 months if a child is disabled (up to £4,000 a year). 
Please visit https://www.gov.uk/tax-free-childcare if you would like more information.
If you are using Tax-free childcare payments please send us your child’s unique account code prior to sending payments. 

Childcare vouchers 

If you are registered with a childcare voucher scheme please email us with the details of your provider and we can ensure the payments will reach us.

Are staff first aid trained?

All staff are first aid trained within their first 3 months of starting employment and refreshed every 3 years. Regular training and practising of skills at least every month. We have completed and are a part of the Millie’s Mark award. 

How/when can I book a place for my child?

We always recommend securing your child’s place as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as we have set numbers of children we can care for each day.  We welcome all families to have a show round of the nursery either in person or by viewing our virtual video. If you are not able to do this we welcome any phone calls or emails to ask any questions you may have about our nursery.  Once you are happy and want to register your child we will provide you with an application form. Once this is completed we will advise you of the deposit amount to pay. 

Do I need to pay a deposit/admin fee to secure my child’s place?

A non-refundable deposit payment of two weeks fees or £100 which ever is higher will be required to secure your child’s place. Deposits are fully refundable when 4 weeks paid notice is given. The deposit will be used against your child’s last 4 weeks fees or refunded by cheque when fees have been paid.   

Do you offer funded places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds?

Yes, when applicable, please contact the office with any further enquiries. Alternatively, please visit the Government website https://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk    

Do I have to pay for Bank holidays and other holidays?

We do not charge for any Bank holidays as we are closed. If your child does not attend nursery due to illness, holiday or just having days at home you will still be required to pay for all booked sessions.

How will my child sleep at nursery?

For babies under 18 months we provide cots for each child with their own sheets provided by the nursery.   For children over 18 months we have small beds that we put on the floor for the children to use.    All beds, cots, sheets and bedding are clean/washed daily.    Staff will never force a child to sleep but can encourage sleep through cuddling, story reading, patting on the back, singing a lullaby or stroking hair. Whichever is requested by the parent and makes the child feel comfortable. We will not use pushchairs as a method to get children to sleep as this does not provide the correct sleeping posture for babies/children. All babies/children who fall asleep in a pushchair whilst outside of the nursery will be moved to a cot/bed as soon as possible upon their return to nursery..

My child is not weaning yet can you help?

Our staff team in our baby room have lots of experience and training to support weaning. Many of our staff have their own children and have experiences weaning with their own children. We understand there are many ways of weaning and it can sometimes be confusing. Our staff will be happy to discuss different methods if you need any advice and will follow your lead in the process that you choose for your baby.    We have carefully planned weaning menus and can discuss/adapt these with each family when required. 

How often do you hold parents meetings?

Twice a year, parents can always book a meeting with their child’s key worker at any time throughout the year when needed

My child has special educational needs / disability (SEND), can they still attend?  

We are a fully inclusive nursery and we pride ourselves on adapting our care to the individual needs of each child to give them the best support we can. Please have a look at our SEND page on the website for more information. 

Do you have CCTV?

We have CCTV in all playrooms to increase security of the setting and to ensure the management team can oversee all rooms during the day. All cameras are recorded, stored securely for 28 days and then rewritten. 

How often will my child go outside to play?

All rooms except our baby room have direct access to an outside play area and we will often have the doors open at set times during the day so the children can freely access the outside area if they choose too. Staff will always assist children to ensure they are dressed appropriately for the weather so they can explore safely. 

  Outside play is an important part of the children’s day and learning.  

  1. 1.       Exposure to sunlight helps create vitamin D which plays a crucial role in many body process from bone development to the immune system. 
  2. 2.       Exercise is important and children should have at least 1 hour exercise each day.
  4. 3.       Taking risks – Children need to learn how to take risks, problem solve and learn about danger and keeping themselves safe. We do this in a secure environment where the children can explore and test their skills.  
  5. 4.       Fresh air and the ability to move around more freely to run, hop skip and jump does wonders for children’s development and health.

    We have lots of different areas in our gardens and areas that provide shelter from the sun/rain if needed.